Repair Services

Watch Repair Service

We offer repair of all luxurious watch brands. Our master technicians have good experience and understanding in the field of watch and jewelry service. We have a correct system with skilled staff for all types of repair needs.

No job is complicated for us because we have experts to resolve the shortcomings in your product. Our experts use intelligent equipment and advanced machines. Watch repair service includes watch overhaul, battery change, refinishing, plating, water-resistance testing, and more.


Everything demands maintenance.

Our service protects your investment by providing all kinds of jewelry maintenance. We are here to revitalize your watch and expand its life by giving it a new shine. Our experts are well skilled to solve all the blemishes in your watch. Most mechanical watches require maintenance in 2-5 years. The maintenance includes Cleaning, dismantling, upgrade if essential and etc. Contact us now for any type of repair. Our team is here to correct all the errors and shortcomings.


Renew your watch today with New York's best repair services.

Your watch demand refinishes from time to time because the unique plating on the watch can wear off over time. Ophira diamonds offer Rhodium 18k and 14k plating options for your watch and jewelry. Our expert team will restyle and refinish scratches and missing colors to provide a new shine.

We can color selected parts for that perfect finish thus avoiding the need and cost of having the whole watch plating.


We bring back the original shine with enhancement in style.

The need for refinishing watches will be fulfilled beautifully with the use of our specialized machines and techniques. We have experts who are very well trained and experienced in the art of polishing. They will bring back the shine and luster to your watch and jewelry by strictly following all the quality standards. Our best watch repair service is waiting to serve you satisfaction and smile.

We bring back the original shine with enhancement in style.

Breathe new life into your favorite watches.

Battery Replacement

The battery of your watch lasts somewhere in between 1 to 2 years thus there is a need to replace it properly without harming your luxury watch.

We provide the best watch repair service with the help of specialized techniques. Our trained team has full knowledge, experience, and all the special tools to inspect the watch, test its existing battery, and install a new battery. Get your watch back into fluency with our service.

Straps & Bracelets

We have a diverse collection of straps and bracelets for your unique timepiece. Anything which is not in the store can be specially arranged as per your need. We have the best watch repair service in New York. Any branded watch can be repaired by our expert team effectively. We have original manufactured parts for all your branded products.

Water Resistance Maintenance

No watch is technically waterproof.

We have a special testing procedure to ensure and maintain the proper level of water resistance. Our maintenance includes replacement as well as repair of gaskets and seals to guarantee water obstruction of a timepiece.

If you notice any sign of water damage and moisture then don't take the risk. Just contact us for any type of watch repair need. If you notice any sign of water damage and moisture then don't take the risk. Just contact us for any type of watch repair need.


Beautify your timepiece by setting our unique gemstones on it.

Our certified team is here to offer expert gem setting service on steel, gold as well as platinum watch and jewelry. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction by providing a guarantee on all repair services.

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